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What’s Being Said

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I came across Dean and his work and realised straight away he is a true visionary British painter. 
I am so appreciative that such a gifted artist is willing to share his talent and experience with me. 
In our first mentoring session Dean really got where I am in my creative process. He challenged and moved my thinking forward. He also shared lots of practical tips that continue to be invaluable in my practice.
Our conversations are stimulating and Deans passion and enthusiasm for  painting is contagious.
He brings a great sense of fun to the whole process.
I feel I am now able to fully step into myself as an artist with a clear sense of where I am going.

Sara Strong

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Dean empowered me to own what I wanted to be and realise that I wasn't as far from it as I thought. His holistic approach really suited my approach to my business and my artistic practice and I realised that they could work for each other. The combination of being an artist and having a deep understanding of business and the commercial and corporate world enabled this. I would highly recommend his services. His creative mind and approach solves problems, inspire and empowers others to achieve.

Laura Rhodesy (Curious Rose Photography)

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Being mentored by Dean has been transformative, because I tend to work in isolation, just the act of being heard has been important, but also that Dean fearlessly challenged me in areas where I needed that and was also positive and encouraging building my confidence back up.

Susan Goundrey-Kruse

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Dean is a very insightful mentor and coach. He encouraged me to stretch my ambitions beyond  anything I'd dreamed before and then helped me to create a plan to make those dreams a reality. 

Jenny Smith (Curiosity Productions)

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From the outset Dean’s openness and good humour put me at ease. His willingness to share his own experiences and challenges built vital trust that ensured a willingness to step into his workshop exercises and discussions without fear. 

Katie Banks (Aquis Media)


The fact that Dean has a warm and approachable manner meant that I felt at ease in reaching out to him for help and support. He listened to me patiently and asked me the right questions to help me make the right decisions with my problem. I no longer felt like a victim, but the owner of my situation, much happier and more peaceful.

Harpreet Kaur Consultant and Arts Manager

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