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Insight from Sessions I Artists Careers 


As I get to know a client, their interests, and who are they talking to about their artist

career? What events do they go to? Whose art are they looking at? And who is seeing their work? It becomes apparent often, (not always) that artists are spending time with people, art, and events, very similar to themselves. This can be age-related, socio-economic, gender, or cultural background. 

It's easy to see why. There is a feeling of commonality, community, and safety. One way to tell is to look at your social media feed. Who is engaging, or even who is in the pictures?

Clients come to mentoring to make a change to their practice.  That can be in their business or in the art itself. I propose we could all benefit hugely from getting out of our bubble. Here's why.

Widening our understanding of the interconnected art ecosystems that make up the "art world" helps us orient and navigate and even find whole new areas to explore. Refreshing our understanding of what is possible for us by seeing the way others have their practice/ working life set up.

Seeing others working, making, and presenting themselves may trigger innovation. Widening the circle of people who engage with our work can bring surprising benefits. While shifting perceptions about ourselves may help us overcome those nagging "self-limiting beliefs". 

Think about your particular bubble and here are a few simple suggestions. 

  • Do you live and work in the countryside? Go to see some shows/events in the city. And visa versa!

  • All your art connections of a certain age? Get to a Degree show. 

  • Get to an art fair if you haven't been in a while. Not been to Frieze? It's coming up. 

Be brave, engage, and connect. It will be worth the discomfort.


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