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Insight from Sessions II - Artist Careers

"The world is full of people with curly hair and straighteners"

Jimmy Carr

I was recently listening to an interview with comedian Jimmy Carr. When talking about his new book he said that the only advice he really had to give was  "Lean into your edge. If you are good at something just do that" he goes on to say "The world is full of people with curly hair and straighteners, they are fighting a losing battle"

I have noticed in my sessions the pull to conform is insistent and sneaky. I notice a professional autopilot that shows up. As if there are often obligatory next steps. It can seem that there is very little option for our next course of action. A kind of "If this ... then that" one-size-fits-all route to a modular idea success can take over.

This is where we could, if feeling brave, resist a little more strongly and use our creativity to create our own path.

Our intuition can be yelling at us that we are not doing what we are good at. Our inner voice may, at times, know exactly what it wants but, even if listening, we don't always hear it.

Of course, there are things we have to do that we may not love. But they should be in service to a core "you-ness".  That is the very thing that you have to give to the world.

Be brave, conform a little less, and break a couple of rules.

I'd love to hear about what happens if you do!


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